Who is True Myth Media? What does True Myth Media do?



As Artists, we have a passion for communicating, interacting with, and creating beauty in the world around us. Whether watching a film, writing poetry, reading a good book, or enjoying a drink with a friend, there is beauty to be mined from every experience. This searching and savoring is the Art of being human.



As Christians, we have a passion for Christ, his ways, his people, and all humankind. There is no facet of life that is untouched by His. Our lives are in Him and so every action, thought, and word is to be understood as it relates to Him. As His love and concern is for all people, so is ours. 



As Millennials, we have a passion for connection, engagement, and conversation. We value the input of others with different points of view as a way of understanding our own thoughts, changing our own minds, and ultimately growing into healthier and more mature human beings.


Film Reviews, discussion, and education


Hundreds of movies being released every year. How do you know which are worth your time? Want a Christian perspective of that new movie everyone is talking about that isn't just a breakdown of how many swears were used. Either way, read up for REVIEWS of current and classic films.


You can only learn so much from an article. Listen in to our conversations and offer your feedback to our discussions of film, christian life, and the crossroads where they meet on the TRUE MYTH MEDIA PODCAST.


Need more information on film and its role in the life of a Christian? Have questions about worldview, content, or the themes of Hollywood, Independant, and Christian Releases. Start with one of our educational ARTICLES