Ep 69 - Hook Club

Hook and Sculpting in Time Chapter 3

This week, Michael and Seth sit down with Virginia Anzengruber of the “Listening at the Fire” Podcast to discuss one of her top Spiritually Influential films, Steven Spielberg’s “Hook.” Then, Michael and Seth continue discussing Andrei Tarkovsky’s book, “Sculpting in Time,” with Chapter 3.

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Ep 68 - Movies in Michigan

Some Film Goings-On in Good Ole’ Grand Rapids

This week, Michael and Seth sit down with Eric Kuiper from Studio C to discuss the Indie Film Series featured films for the upcoming weeks. They also have an extended chat with Anthony and Shirley Griffin of the Thriller Chiller Film Festival in Grand Rapids. They discuss the festival and the role community plays in artistic communities.

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Ep 67 - First Festival

TMM visits the Traverse City Film Festival

We visited our very first film festival this weekend. Karl Nagurski is back this week to discuss with Michael and Seth all about the films and experiences they enjoyed at the Traverse City Film Festival.

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Ep 66 - Tarantino Tribute

Our Favorite Tarantino Films and Thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

True Myth Reviewer Karl Nagurski joins Michael and Seth for their discussion of Tarantino’s best films and the ways that his films have connected with us. Oh yeah. We also discuss a little movie called “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” 


Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Kill Bill 2, Death Proof, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained, Hateful Eight, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Long Shot, Do the Right Thing.

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Ep 65 - Far From Home

An In Depth Discussion of Spider-Man

Special Guest Zechariah Metzler joins Michael and Seth to discuss the latest film starring their favorite webslinging hero, Spider-Man. Seth and Michael interview Ivy Hutchison about the Traverse City Film Festival. Michael and Seth continue their ongoing book club with Chapter Two of “Sculpting in Time.”

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