Ep 74 - Camp Manna Revisited

Discussions from Grand Rapids

This week, Michael and Seth will be sitting down for discussions with Nick Hartman from the UICA of Grand Rapids and Eric Machiela, Eric Johnson, and Evan Koons whose work our fans will know from our review of Camp Manna.

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Ep 72 - Catch ups and Rundowns

We Never Run Out of Movies to Talk About

This week, Michael and Seth will be catching up on the backlog of films which they never get to talk about because there’s just too many movies to talk about, discuss the Indie Film Series offerings from Celebration Cinema with Eric Kuiper, and they tackle the next chapter of Tarkovsky’s “Sculpting in Time.”

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Ep 71 - Polish Films

The Cinema World Tour continues with Films from Poland

This week, Michael and Seth will be discussing films from Poland as we continue our Cinema World Tour after which we’ll have a little bit of a Rundown.

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Ep 70 - Cage Rage

The Films of Nicolas Cage

This week, Michael, Seth, and Karl delve deep into the films of the one, the only, the indomitable, incomparable, two time Academy Award winner,  Nicolas Cage. Also featured in the episode is The True Myth Book Club, Chapter 4 of “Sculpting in Time” by Andrei Tarkovsky. 

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