Ep 54 - Here, There Be Spoilers (Endgame/Long Night)

Michael and Seth discuss the end of an Era as two huge Franchises wind their way down with MARVEL’s completion of the Avengers Saga and Game of Thrones climactic battle on April 28th’s Episode, the Long Night.

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Ep 52 - The Game of Thrones

On this week’s episode of the TMM Podcast, Michael and Seth discuss The Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere, as well as how they got into Game of Thrones, and their response to the idea that “real Christians” don’t watch Game of Thrones. Don’t forget a quick Rundown as the show closes.

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Ep 51 - The Anticipation of Us

Is there anything harder that waiting for a movie to come out?

On Ep 51 of the TMM Podcast, Michael and Seth discuss the Happiness Report, talk in detail about Us, and muse on how Anticipation plays into our experiences with film.

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